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Midnightsun, dark-period, northernlight


The weather is a popular discussion topic in Finnmark - this is surely because we have so much of it! And in just a few minutes the weather can change completely from peaceful sunshine to violent snowstorm.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the temperature along the coast is approx. 20 degrees celcius higher than in other areas at this latitude and the coast has ice-free harbours all year. Annually about 800 mm of percipitations falls, mostly in the form of snow during the approx. 150 days of frost in the year.

Climate table is to be found at this page.

Summer or winter, autumn or spring: Bring good shoes and warm clothing, and you will be prepared to enjoy Finmark’s nature, no matter the weather!

Midnight Sun and the long, dark Polar Night

The Polar Circle is the boundary for the Midnight Sun and the Polar Night. The further north you come, the longer these periods last. By the Arctic Ocean, the sun does not go below the horizon for two-and-a-half months! At North Cape you can see the midnight sun from the 14 May to 29 July. But the months of August and september also offer picturesque moments, with stable weather and spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

The first snowfall occurs as a rule in October when the nature begins preparing for the dark periode. For every day that passes, it gets darker a littler earlier. But even in the darkest time when the sun cannot be seen in the sky, there are a few hours of twilight-dusk when the light can be incredibly beautiful. During the autumn and winter, on clear nights, you can experience the fantastic Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights as they are called. Dancing across the skies, you see the lights in green, pink and lilac – an experience you’ll never forget!

  Place  Midnight Sun  Dark time (Polar Night)
  North Cape  11 May-31 July  18 November-24 January
  Hammerfest  13 May-28 July  20 November-22 January
  Vardø  14 May-27 July  21 November-21 January
  Alta  15 May-26 July  23 November-19 January