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These web-cams will give you an idea about how different places in Finnmark looks like right now. Please have a look, get interested, and feel free to come here!

Hammerfest - The Northernmost town in the World
The picture shows "Strandgata" (a road in Hammerfest), and the famous panorama-restaurant "Turistua", which is placed upon "Salfjellet" (the mountain in the background). The view tower "Varden" is also seen on "Salfjellet", from "Varden" you can enjoy the excellent view over Hammerfest city and if your lucky you can see the midnight sun.
Web-cam Hammerfest

Vadsø - the administrative centre of Finnmark
The picture shows the town centre of Vadsø, overlooking the harbour. To the right you can see the bridge connecting the Vadsø Island to the mainland. This picture is taken from the top of a fish factory situated on the western bank of the Vadsø Island.
Web-cam Vadsø