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11.07.2003 North Cape Christmas and Winter House

The Nordkapp Jul og Vinterhus is a quite unique because its the first and only place so close to the North Cape that is open the whole year. You will be thrilled when you see the house – and feel welcome as soon as you open the door, step inside, hear the Christmas music, experience the homelike atmosphere and see the room decorated for Christmas.

You can sit down and in winter be served a cup of hot “gløgg” by Santa’s wife. In the summer she will serve you cake and coffee. You will have the opportunity to take a seat at the kitchen table and have a chat – perhaps hear some more about how people live this far in the north. You will also be able to study a wide range of local made arts and crafts – like knitwear, seam wear, products of fish skin, pottery, glass, Christmas ornaments and cards.
There is no entrance fee to get into the Nordkapp Jul og Vinterhus. The place has approx. 40 seats and wants to give the guests an impression of Norwegian Christmas traditions – and offer genuine arts and crafts for those who want a very special souvenir from the North Cape area.

Saison: whole year
Booking and information: Nordkapp Reiseliv AS